Terms of use

Transportation:  TLCC will work to facilitate executive level transportation for our patients in need of admission or out patient evaluation for specialty care. 

Tele Medicine:  TLCC uses a secure video platform to facilitate direct access to providers to answer questions or assist in remote treatment.  This platform allows for the inclusion of a 3rd party.  e.g. a spouse or child in addition to the patient.

Care Coordination:  Via TeleMedicine or TelePhone care involving outside practitioners or clinicians will be coordinated to assure consistency in understanding and direction of care.

Medication Reconciliation:  Periodic review of all prescription medications and supplements to identify dangerous interactions, avoidable medications and supplement optimization. 

Travel Care:  members are eligible for a “Doc Box” to travel with when going out of town or out of the country.  A custom care “Doc Box” will be dispensed prior to travel and will contain therapies for common conditions and afflictions based on your travel destination.  For more information please ask about our private patient program.

Functional Medicine:  A focus of medicine that examines the entire patient.  An indepth analysis of symptoms juxtaposed with an examination of the patient as an individual including micronutrients and genomic studies to apply a precision  approach to the health and well being of the patient.



PRP Injections
A2M Injections
Laceration or Cut Repairs
Splinting for sprains and fractures
Lab Studies
IVF injections
IV/IM medications