The Life Care Clinic was founded by Dr. Matt Everett who is a board certified Emergency Physician who became familiar with the importance of Functional & Integrative Medicine through the struggles of his wife in dealing with Thyroid & Adrenal issues that were ultimately linked to Chronic Lyme disease.  Dr. Everett has spent 14 years in the practice of Medicine with almost 10 of them as a physician executive who oversaw the operations of multiple Emergency Departments. 

The Life Care Clinic is the practical expression of Dr. Everett's realization that good health is possible with appropriate attention paid to LifeStyle, Nutrition, Genetics, and ultimately access to care.  The access to care and the ability to provide high quality care using technology was a realization born out of family, friends and members of the church often reaching out from great distances in need of help.  Dr. Everett has used TeleMedicine since 2010 to provide care for patients with multiple issues ranging from illness to infection to injury with very positive outcomes for conditions and patient well being.  

• Precision Medical Assessments including intracellular and genetic evaluations
• Provider Access 24x7
• True House Calls
• Same Day/Next Day Appointments
• Real time in office labs
• In office Xray
• In office Medication & Fluid Infusions
• Realtime in home bedside lab assessments
• In home Xray
• Annual Executive Physical
• EKG- Routine
• Enhanced coordination of care
• Facilitation of transportation as needed for care or admission
• REAL Housecalls to help with injury and illness
• Next level travel Care