The Life Care Clinic is a customized virtual concierge practice providing personalized healthcare for clients with acute illness or injury as well as ongoing needs or the desire for better health through Functional & Integrative medicine.

Through functional medicine and a recognition of the importance of life style we provide care knowing that you do not have to get sick to get better.  We embrace the use of cutting edge science in the way of Genomics, Micronutrient & Endocrine testing with a focused treatment approach to see patients truly live well.

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The Life Care Clinic was founded by Dr. Matt Everett who is a board certified Emergency Physician who became familiar with the importance of Functional & Integrative Medicine through the struggles of his wife in dealing with Thyroid & Adrenal issues that were ultimately linked to Chronic Lyme disease.  Dr. Everett has spent 14 years in the practice of Medicine with almost 10 of them as a physician executive who oversaw the operations of multiple Emergency Departments. 

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with a comprehensive care plan incorporating: 

a. Complete Micronutrient Intracellular Assay 
b. State of the Art Genetic or DNA Testing & Interpretation
c.  Nutragenomic Assessment
d.  Nutrition Assessment
e.  Care Plan Implementation

with onsite treatment of injury & illness

as needed for care or hospital admission

with specialists and consultants

via secure TeleMed platform